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✔️ Learn about the most important Web security principle that dictates how browsers run the websites (Same-origin policy rules them all!),

✔️ Understand the reasoning behind CORS errors (yes, yes - this infamous No Access Control Allow Origin headers is present error!),

✔️ Build a standard cross-site scripting attacks prevention shield 🛡 (XSS can steal cookies, impersonate users and make a lot of harm),

✔️ Set up reporting features to catch attack attempts (notifications on the security violations),

✔️ Create integrity checks on external scripts (again, to eliminate the risk of deadly XSS attacks!),

✔️ Learn how JSON Web Tokens (JWT) can be hacked (this will blow your mind) 🤯

✔️ Understand how time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) work for 2-factor authentication 🔑

✔️ Receive a comprehensive summary of OWASP Top 10 security vulnerabilities 📝

✔️ Get access to the full online workshop:
"Ultra-secure full-stack role-based authorization system in 60 mins" 📺

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✔️ 7 must-know steps to making modern web applications secure as medieval strongholds! ⚔️ (step-by-step guide, that you won't find on Udemy)


This training is for developers who want to understand the WHAT, WHY, and HOW, instead of copy-pasting the code snippets from StackOverflow.
If you expect some dirty hacks or shortcuts, you will not find them here.

Practical coding laboratories

You will see the concepts applied in practice in dedicated laser-focused coding labs and play with them on your own

In-depth theory explanations

You will learn about all the WHATS and WHYS behind the presented concepts to have the crystal-clear understanding

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"The content did not disappoint me and I learned exactly the things I needed to develop in this area. Good Job Bartosz!"


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Clickable PDF Web Application Security Checklist 📝

20 checkpoints helping to secure your web applications


Ultra-secure role-based access control in Angular & Node


  • ​​​​​​​The case of role-based application in the real world
  • Domain modeling for multi-user account system
  • Managing user permissions and roles efficiently
  • Designing a secure backend REST API for roles
  • Using UserAuth object to manage active sessions
  • Router Guards, Interceptors & Node Middlewares
  • Conditional UI components visibility HACK 🎃
  • BONUS: 7 must-know steps to making modern web applications secure as medieval strongholds! 🏰
  • Real-life DEMO and Q&A session 💬

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